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Hec-Tor Kur
Gender: Male
Toylines: Masters of the Universe Classics
Character Type: Villain

Hordak was originally conceived as the "lead villain" for He-man's second set of villains The Evil Horde. He was later repurposed to serve as She-Ra's major villain for her TV show.

Official Bio[]


Masters of the Universe Classics[]

Figures Image Accessories Release Date
Hordak (MOTUC) Motuc-hordak Hordak staff (MOTUC accessory), Horde cross-bow (MOTUC accessory), Horde bat (MOTUC pack-in) June 2009

In the comics and media[]

Hordak was a powerful warlord in ancient Eternia, oppossed by King Grayskull. During a decisive battle, King Grayskull managed to make one of Hordak's spells backfire, sending him and his Evil Horde to the dimension of Despondos. There, he took over the planet Etheria.

Hordak had a disciple in the dark arts named Keldor. When Keldor was fatally wounded in battle with Captain Randor, Evil-Lyn carried him to Hordak's temple, the only place in Eternia where Hordac could slill project his spirit and some of his magic. There, Hordak magically saved Keldor and turned him into Skeletor, in exchange for freeing him from his dimensional exile, which Skeletor never did.

At some points, the Evil Horde returned to Eternia by means unknown. They were defeated, but as retaliation, Hordak kidnapped infant princess Adora and escaped through a portal back to Etheria. However, this left him stranded there again.

Several years later, portals between Eternia and Etheria were opened again, and Hordak has tried to both conquer Eternia and destroy his treacherous former pupil, Skeletor. This gets the Evil Horde in conflict with both Heroic and Evil Warriors.