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HuntressHuntress (DC Universe)

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Huntress (DC Universe)
Helena Bertinelli
Gender: Female
Toylines: Total Justice/JLA
Character Type: hero

Official Bio[]

Bio (Total Justice)[]

Seeking to escape the legacy of crime into which she was born, Helena Bertinelli changed her life after her entire family was wiped out by a rival Gotham City mob. Now fighting for Total Justice as The Huntress, she uses her martial arts skills and enhanced action/reaction Fractal Techgear massive barbed arrow crossbow as she stalks the streets in her pursuit to protect citizens from criminals on the loose!

Bio (JLA)[]

Real Name: Helena Bertinelli
Occupation: High School Teacher
Base of Operations: Gotham City
Powers: Employs an arsenal of edged weapons, including throwing knives, crossbow and smaller CO-propelled bolts fired from a wrist launcher.

Few know the secrets Helena Bertinelli conceals. As the “Anastasia of Gotham,” she is the sole survivor of a slaughter that robbed her of her parents and closes relatives, a crime family. In a quest for vengeance, she became The Huntress. Later she preyed upon other Gotham criminals, doling out swift justice in her own fashion and insulating herself inside an apartment manned by computer-recorded wraiths to conceal her identity.

Bio (DCUSC)[]

Despite being raised in polar opposite situations, Huntress and another Gotham City orphan wound up having a lot in common. The daughter of a notorious criminal, Helena Bertinelli declared war on the underworld after witnessing the mob-ordered slaying of her entire family. Armed with her crossbow Huntress enforced justice in Gotham City. And though Batman sometimes found her to be too violent and unpredictable, Huntress always proved herself and even saved the Dark Knigth's life. Batman eventually embraced her as a reliable member of his crime-fighting family.


Total Justice/JLA[]

Released in/as Image Label Description
Total Justice wave 3 Huntress Huntress (blue suit)
Basic figure.
JLA series 1
Huntress Huntress (black suit)
Huntress in a black version of her costume, since it was darkened the same way in the JLA comicbook.

6-inch figures[]

Released in/as Image Label Description
DC Universe Signature Collection
DSC4528 1360528220
Huntress Huntress (Hush)
Huntress in her Jim Lee designed costume from the Hush saga.