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IceIce (DC Universe)

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Ice (DC Universe)
Tora Olafsdotter
Gender: female
Toylines: DC Universe Infinite Heroes
DC Universe Signature Collection
Character Type: hero

Official Bio[]

Statistics (DCIH)[]

Bio (DCUSC)[]

The princess of a race of Ice-people in Norway, Tora Olafsdotter was born with the ability to project ice and snow from her body. After leaving her father, the king, she joined the Global Guardians, Ice where she met and became best friends with the woman who would become DC Comics Fire. When that group disbanded, they both joined the Justice League, becoming the iconic duo "Fire & Ice."


6-inch figures[]

Released in/as Image Label Description
DC Universe Signature Collection (cancelled)
Ice Ice
Second costume.

DC Universe Infinite Heroes[]

Released in/as Image Label Description
Doomsday pack File:Dcih-ice.jpg Ice Ice
Second costume.

In the Comics and Media[]