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This is a PACKAGE page. It details what toys, figures or accessories are included in the particular package.
Package Title: Shayera Hol 3-pack (unofficial)
Package Type: 3-pack
Sold As: SDCC exclusive
Toyline Justice League (first release)
Series: n/a SDCC 2007
Wave n/a
Figures: Hawkgirl ver 6, Green Lantern 3 ver 2, The Ray ver 1
Accessories/Add-ons: none
First Released: 2007

Other Details[]

Original Retail Price:$10 Sold at Comic Con and Wizard World Chicago[1]


This package has Hawkgirl ver 6, Green Lantern 3 ver 2, The Ray ver 1 all of which are exclusive to the set and can be bought nowhere else.

The Green Lantern figure was done based on the Justice Lord sculpt with an unetched chestpiece, however the colors are the same as on the standard figure down to the recurring silver logo.

The Ray has no other apperances across the JLU line. Shayera Hol first appears here unmasked, as per her appearance in the JLU TV show. Though the headsculpt would be reused two versions later for the Attack of the Thanagarians release.

The 3-pack is polywrapped with an inserted San Diego Comic Con label.