DC Hall of Justice Wiki

The Justice League is a superhero team dedicated to truth, justice and intergalactic peace.

Founding Members[]

The Justice League is formed by seven independent superheroes operating as a 'round table'.

Active Members of the Expanded Roster[]

After the events of Starcrossed, the League decides to expand on its roster.

Former Members[]

The following are former members of the Justice League.

Members from the comics[]

These are the members that were not seen on the show but were seen in the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited comic series based on the animated show. The first one was Firestorm, released by himself. The next six were announced all at once at SDCC 2010.

Suggested Members[]

The following are not seen or mentioned in the television show but are suggested as members.


The following are suggested as proxies for members of the Justice League through various means.