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Justice League Unlimited #2
Justice League Unlimited (comics)
Title: "Poker Face"
Original Release: Oct 2004
DC Kids Release: Jan 2006
Cover: Ben Caldwell
Writer: Adam Beechen
Artist: Ethen Beavers
Letters: Nick Napolitano
Colors: Heroic Age
Editor:Tom Palmer Jr.
Production Order
Justice League Unlimited #1
Justice League Unlimited #3
Canonicity: non-canon

The action-packed new series continues with a story guest-starring Booster Gold and Steel! The League battles the Royal Flush Gang in Las Vegas, and Booster learns why the team pays Superman so much respect.

This story does not fit into JLU continuity.




  • The Royal Flush Gang


Booster Gold, The Flash. Steel, Huntress, and Superman are having a poker game on board the watchtower. Booster wonders why Superman always wins. He’s got to be cheating! Just then, the Royal Flush Gang invades Las Vegas for a robbery. The league tackles them but a distraction causes everyone to dissipate. The Flash deals with Jack, the Huntress with Queen, Steel with Ace, Booster with Ten and Superman with the king. Once they’ve been defeated, Flash tells Booster that they let Superman win at cards is so he’d cover their backs in situations like the one with the Royal Flush Gang. In the end Booster lets Superman win at poker.

Continuity References[]

We see the Royal Flush Gang from the episode “Wild Cards”

Continuity Errors[]

Steel is wearing an armor with an S shield and a red cape, much like one of his mainstream comic armors.


Before I declared this book’s storyline weak, I consulted with some kids just to make sure I wasn’t shooting the demographic. They found it an odd read. Kids these days just aren’t that kiddie. The lines in this book are unbelievably shallow and almost completely off. I am happy to announce though that after this second issue, the line slowly begins to pick up- still kid-oriented but not too silly.

Notable for[]

  • the return of the Royal Flush Gang.
  • The full appearance of Huntress (even before the episode ‘Double Date’).