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Justice League Unlimited #3
Justice League Unlimited (comics)
Title: "Small Time"
Original Release: Nov 2004
DC Kids Release: Feb 2006
Cover: Ben Caldwell
Writer: Adam Beechen
Penciller: Carlos Barberi
Letters: Pat Brosseau
Colors: Heroic Age
Editor:Tom Palmer Jr.
Production Order
Justice League Unlimited #2
Justice League Unlimited #4
Canonicity: non-canon

The action-packed new series continues! The Atom learns of an alien invasion whose entrance to our dimension is in the League’s Watchtower! Can the mighty mite get a "little" help from his super friends Wonder Woman, Ice and Firestorm?

This story fits into JLU continuity.




  • Otherworldly Invaders (unnamed)

==Synopsis The Atom arrives first for a small league meeting and finds a microscopic army attempting to conquer the watchtower. Members of the league shrink to battle them.

Continuity Reference[]

  • Atom displays his ability to float in his microscopic size. This is not something the show covered, but was seen in the mainstream comics.
  • We see the Phantom Zone projector, though of a different design from the episode ‘The Doomsday Sanction’.
  • We see Firestorm who is an active League member in the comics though never seen in the episodes.

Continuity References-

A Tour of the Watchtower[]

  • The room similar to the original member’s private conference room (but is clearly not) is called the ‘meeting room’, we have also seen this in the first issue, and most of the comics wherein Carlos Barberi is the artist.
  • We see the science lab. Here is stored the Phantom Zone projector.

A lesson in shrinkage[]

  1. Breathe out all the air while shrinking. This will cause your lungs to deflate and re-inflate properly.
  2. Vertigo is common in the first few ‘trips’
  3. One’s powers do not shrink relative to size. Therefore one’s energy level can seem like they have been magnified a million-fold.

Continuity Errors[]

Fashion Sense[]

  • Atom’s belt buckles are worn in each hero’s belts, except Ice who wears it as a badge.


This has got to be one of the most entertaining JLU comic adventures I’ve ever read. We finally get to see what it’s like to be the Atom. The experience of shrinking is described in great detail. It is also good to see Ice in full (and speaking) action. Her queasiness at being shrunk was one of the fun highlights of this book. Issue 3 is definitely the move of the comics onto better, smarter storylines that cater to the kid demographic but won’t dumb out adults in the process.

Notable for[]

  • Ice’s full appearance.
  • Delving into Atom’s ‘world’.
  • Featuring 2 ‘Adventures in the DC Universe’ stories- one with Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Oberon, and another with Power Girl
  • (in DC Kids) being the first issue to start disincluding the inlay cover for the second story (Teen Titans Go) on the main cover.