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Justice League Unlimited #32
Justice League Unlimited (comics)
Title: "Big Guns"
Original Release: March 2007
DC Kids Release: July 2008
Writer: Stephan Nilson
Artist: Dave Santana
Letters: Mike Sellers
Colors: Heroic Age
Editor:Rachel Cluckstern
Production Order
Justice League Unlimited #31
Justice League Unlimited #33
Canonicity: Not canon; doesn't fit into continuity

Justice League Unlimited 32 or Big Guns features the Justice League and New Genesis heroes battling Darkseid and his minions from Apokolips. The story does not fit the continuity of the show.





On a peacekeeping mission to another planet, Stargirl, Superman and Green Lantern Guy Gardner are pulled into Apokolips just at the right moment to stop Darkseid’s fiendish new plans.

Continuity Peg[]

Darkseid is dead for the most part of the JLU show, from the League’s expansion up to the finale wherein he is reanimated. thus these events could not possibly occur during the show. Darkseid mentions having found the answer to the anti-life equation which occurs in the finale when Lex ‘gives’ it to him and they implode.

Continuity References[]

The robot seen in JLUs01e01- Initiation is called Solar Flare here, he is named Brimstone in other media (DVD bonuses, cards) while he is unnamed in the show itself.

Continuity Errors[]

Darkseid’s outfit is his original, pre-death outfit. Unfortunately we also see Desaad, who Darkseid has already killed in the episode ‘Twilight’.


Completely surpassing my expectations, this issue was a total level up from the last one. The writer nailed the characterizations of all three leaguers and Darkseid and his minions. One can sense Darkseid’s code of honor by addressing Guy Gardner as Green lantern (though it can be assumed that most otherworlders do as well). Superman’s ‘bossy’ nature to the expanded leaguers, seen in the show is also seen here. My one complaint is the over simplified plot with the giant plot devises, I mean Darkseid, The Anti-Monitor, The Anti-Life Equation, The Source- it just seems as if any story with these elements would not be resolved easily and certainly not by these three leaguers alone even with the assistance of the New Gods. That aside, this is one of the most enjoyable Justice League reads. Plus, Guy’s dialogue contrasting Darkseid’s alone makes it great stuff! Notable for

-headlining Green Lantern, Guy Gardner -featuring the New Gods and Apokolips close up