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Justice League Unlimited #4
Justice League Unlimited (comic)
Title: "Local Hero"
Original Release: Dec 2004
DC Kids Release: Mar 2006
Cover: Ben Caldwell
Writer: Adam Beechen
Penciller: Carlos Barberi
Letters: Nick Napolitano
Colors: Heroic Age
Editor:Tom Palmer Jr.
Asst. Editor:Jeanine Schaeffer
Production Order
Justice League Unlimited #3
Justice League Unlimited #5
Canonicity: non-canon

When a young boy on the planet Rann wonders why his world doesn’t have its own heroes, Adam Strange must show him what it means to be a hero!

This story fits into JLU continuity.




  • Kanjar Ro


With (or without) the help of the Justice League, Adam Strange defeats Kanjar Ro and the whole planet of Rann celebrates. After the festivities the heroes rest. However, Salaan, a teenager jealous of Adam’s glory releases Kanjar Ro and declares to the heroes that he will recapture him just as easily, taking some of Adam’s armor with him, and incapacitating Superman with Kanjar’s Kryptonite wand. Upon release, however, Kanjar then takes on Salaan himself, having been insulted at Salaan’s treatment of him. Adam and the league take on Kanjar Ro but he attempts to escape. Adam tells him glory does not matter to him but the protection of Rann. He lets Salaan shoot down Kanjar’s jet pack and he is captured. He then agrees to train Salaan and any other who wishes to protect their planet.

Continuity References[]

  • Colu (Braniac 5’s homeworld) is mentioned.
  • This is Adam’s third DCAU comic appearance.
  • Adam’s brief history is recounted.
  • Kanjar Ro has evolved from his appearances in the episode ‘In Blackest Night’ and the comic ‘Enslaved’.
  • This is the 2nd JL animated comic to be entitled ‘Local Hero’.

Fashion Sense[]

  • Salaan wears a suit similar to Adam Strange’s.

Notable for[]

  • the return of Adam Strange.
  • having Kanjar Ro slowly evolve into a more dangerous villain.