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Justice League Unlimited #6
Justice League Unlimited (comic)
Title: "In The Dimming Light"
Original Release: Feb 2005
DC Kids Release: May 2006
Cover: Ben Caldwell
Writer: Adam Beechen
Penciller: Carlos Barberi
Letters: Phil Balsman
Colors: Heroic Age
Editor:Tom Palmer Jr.
Asst. Editor:Jeanine Schaeffer
Production Order
Justice League Unlimited #5
Justice League Unlimited #7
Canonicity: non-canon

John Stewart and Green Arrow encounter an old member of the Green Lantern Corps as they fight a trio of alien invaders. Will this elderly Lantern be able to help them defeat their foes, or is he too out of touch with reality?




  • The Tryptich


Green Lantern commissions Fire, Green Arrow and Red Tornado on an emergency mission in Boston. There they find one of the first Green Lanterns, Zibar, under attack by the Tryptych, a trio who can create powerful airwaves by touching hands. Green Lantern disperses them. Upon discussion Green Arrow and the rest decide that they must assume the task of taking care of the Tryptych as Zibar, legendary as he is ancient, may be unable to do so because of his age. They try to handle the Tryptych separately but the Tryptych trounce them neatly and prepare to come together. Zibar finds he has forgotten to recharge and worse, forgotten the oath to recharge. At the last minute, Zibar remembers how to defeat them and orders Green Lantern to enclose the three while they create their blast. Once the Tryptych are defeated, Zibar agrees to relinquish the ring.

Continuity References[]

Fashion Sense[]

  • Fire’s ‘flamed-on’ art for the JLU comics is very different. Here she is bald and entirely silhouetted just like in the main-stream comics, unlike the show wherein parts of her are strategically covered in flame.
  • Zibar’s Green Lantern suit is similar to that of Hal Jordan’s modern post-Zero Hour suit in the mainstream comics.


Fire keeps addressing males in Brasilian/Latin language with feminine gender i.e. idiotas, lanterna


Notable for[]

  • featuring yet another Green Lantern
  • featuring three characters with "green" in their alias- Green Arrow, Green Lantern (2 of them), Green Flame (now called ‘Fire’).