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Justice League Unlimited #7
Justice League Unlimited (comic)
Title: "Orphans"
Original Release: Mar 2005
DC Kids Release: June 2006
Cover: Ben Caldwell
Writer: Adam Beechen
Penciller: Ethen Beavers
Letters: Phil Balsman
Colors: Heroic Age
Editor:Tom Palmer Jr.
Asst. Editor:Jeanine Schaeffer
Production Order
Justice League Unlimited #6
Justice League Unlimited #8
Canonicity: non-canon

A thrilling new story reflecting the hit Cartoon Network show! The Justice League is assembled to help Orion and the New Gods stop Darkseid from unleashing his new weapon: the X-Cannon, which is powerful enough to destroy the Source Wall and give Darkseid access to the one thing he wants above all else: the Anti-Life Equation!




Supergirl and several other Justice Leaguers are locked in a fierce battle with Darkseid and his parademons. Darkseid is attempting to destroy the ‘source wall’ with a newly-developed beam to rip out the secrets of the anti-life equation. Soon, Orion breaks rank, and goes after Darkseid himself. Capt. Atom, Superman, Wonder Woman and Zauriel fail to counter the beam. Darkseid shoots Orion with his omega-beams which prompts Supergirl to beat him up and crash into the cannon that shoots the beam. Supergirl, who had previously run away, returns home to the Kents.

Continuity References[]

  • We see the ‘source wall’, which also made an appearance in the episode ‘Destroyer’. We see Forager fighting along with Lightray and Big Barda from the episode ‘Twilight’.
  • We see Supergirl’s quarters in the opening.
  • Rocket Redis unmasked and identified as Dmitri.

Continuity Errors[]

  • Darkseid is alive and kicking when the episodes ‘Twilight’ and ‘Alive’ strictly place him under the ‘dead villains’ category by this time.
  • Orion ‘survives’ Darkseid’s omega beam.
  • Aquaman is seen fighting in an outer-space mission though the episodes seem to keep him away from duties that don’t involve his territory.
  • We see many Javelins in this book. None of them are the new standard-edition ones, but are copies of the Javelin-7 from the first and second JL seasons..

Fashion Sense[]

  • Elongated Man, Ice, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman all have specially colored space-suits.
  • Barda wears her Batman Beyond suit, which is also seen in the episode ‘The Ties That Bind’.