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Justice League Unlimited #8
Justice League Unlimited (comic)
Title: "The Island"
Original Release: Apr 2005
DC Kids Release: July 2006
Cover: David McCaib
Writer: Adam Beechen
Penciller: Carlos Barberi
Letters: Phil Balsman
Colors: Heroic Age
Editor:Tom Palmer Jr.
Asst. Editor:Jeanine Schaeffer
Production Order
Justice League Unlimited #7
Justice League Unlimited #9
Canonicity: non-canon

The Question’s convinced there’s a mind-controlled traitor in the Justice League and sets out to investigate. Of course, no one on the team takes him seriously. Can he get to the bottom of the mystery before the League’s secrets are compromised?




  • Brain Storm


The Question finds a Nerve Gas didpenser in one of the watchtower’s ventilation shafts. Suspicious of his teammates, he investigates alone. His leads, however, get him nowhere. upon returning to the Watchtower he ends up in a confrontation with J’onn and discovers that the true perpetrator is him. Soon they find that the culprit is BrainStorm.

Continuity References[]

  • The Question notes that he works alone but accepted the League’s offer of membership lest they be suspicious of him. His living space will be filled with a concentrated Napalm Burst if anyone attempts to crack the code on his ‘lead-lined’ filing cabinet. It is known that Superman cannot see through lead. His folders reads KNOWN ENEMIES and “ALLIES” (note the quotation marks missing from the other folders.).
  • He seems to consider Darkseid a threat (in photo), even if he’s dead at this point. He goes after three suspects- The Mad Hatter (in Arkham), the Fiddler (injured), and Lex Luthor (who has just gone ‘straight’ season 1)
  • In Arkham one may hear the voices of Firefly, Scarface and the Ventriloquist and some other insane guy going “tell me a story, a beautiful story about saws and razors”, aside from the Mad Hatter.
  • The Fiddler is revealed to be injured by none other than the Girder who appears later on in the series.
  • An establishing shot seems to place the Question’s quarters in an annex of the Watchtower.

Fashion Sense[]

In the solicitation art (unreleased cover), the Question’s ensemble is colored grey instead of blue.


Don’t let the cover title deceive you. This book has nothing to do with telling one about the Question and or his origins. However, this is a very entertaining ‘detective’ read. The Question remains intact all throughout.

Notable for[]

  • running a whole book in ‘first-person’ featuring ‘The Question’…