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Kalibak (DCUC wave 6)
Kalibak (DCUC wave 6)
Figure (and number): none, CnC
Description: Kalibak
Basis: modern comic version
First Released DCUC wave 6
Buck/Body Type: unique
Points of Articulation: 23
Character Type villain

This figure is a modern form of Kalibak.

Official Bio[]

Kalibak does not have an official package bio, because he is a Collect-and-Connect figure, with parts of him being sold alongside other figures in different packages.

Other Details[]

Size: ?
Accessories: sash, billy club
Sculpted by: The Four Horsemen



Prototype shows accessories that don't appear in the final figure.

Kalibak is an all-new figure with all-original parts He is sculpted well with appropriate uses of wash on all parts. The design is the Jack Kirby comic look which also served as the inspiration for his appearance in Justice League Unlimited. Aside from Orion, Kalibak is the only other figure that also appeared in the Super Powers toyline but with a radically different look. Large and anatomically different as he is, he uses basic 23-point articulation as present in other figures. He has two accessories- a removable sash and a billy club which can be stored on the sash. One might notice that he has a secondary weapons belt that is lacking a holster. This is because he was originally designed to carry one other weapon, a morphing billy club. But don’t worry; this new billy club is included in the packages of wave 8’s green Parademons .