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Green Lantern CorpsKatma Tui (DC Universe)
Katma TuiKatma Tui (DC Universe)

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Katma Tui (DC Universe)
Katma Tui
Gender: female
Toylines: DC Universe Classics
DC Universe Infinite Heroes
Character Type: hero
Green Lantern

Katma Tui was Sinestro's replacement in the Green Lantern Corps. She trained John Stewart. She met her death at the hands of Star Sapphire.

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When the Green Lantern, Sinestro, turned rogue, the Guardians of the Universe named Katma Tui as his replacement. Katma Tui served with distinction for a long time before retiring. She returned to service at the urging of Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern of Earth, and trained Jordan’s replacement, John Stewart. Katma Tui came to love Stewart, and the two of them married, but Katma Tui was murdered shortly thereafter by longtime Green Lantern foe Star Sapphire.


DC Universe Classics[]

Released in/as Image Label Description
Wave Eleven Wv11-katmatui Katma Tui Green Lantern
Katma Tui's custom Green Lantern suit.

DC Universe Infinite Heroes[]

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