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Dr. FateKent Nelson (DC Universe)

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Kent Nelson (DC Universe)
Kent Nelson
Gender: male
Toylines: DC Universe Classics
Character Type: hero
Dr. Fate

Kent Nelson was the first man in the original DC Universe to wield the power of Dr. Fate.

Profile (DCUC)[]

First Appearance: More Fun Comics #55 (1940)
Real Name: None
Occupation: Agent of the Lords of Order
Base of Operations: Various
Special Abilities: Levitation and Flight, Possesses and commands mystic amulet, helmet and mantle of Nabu, Able to cast powerful spells, Nearly invulnerable.

Official Bio (DCUC)[]

Doctor Fate arises when the Lord of Order known as Nabu bestows his sorcerous knowledge, as well as a magical helmet, amulet and mantle, to a human host in order to battle the forces of chaos. Once a human dons the garb of Doctor Fate, Nabu’s personality assumes control of their human host. Doctor Fate, in his many incarnations, has long served in the The Justice Society of America as one of its most powerful members.


DC Universe Classics[]

Released in/as Image Label Description
Wave 8 Wv8-drfate(classic) Dr. Fate Dr. Fate
The classic costume worn by Kent Nelson.