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Killer Frost ver 1
Killer Frost ver 1
Figure (and number): Killer Frost ver 1
Description: basic figure
Basis: show-based
First Released 2011
Buck/Body Type: female
Points of Articulation: 5POA
Character Type villain, Secret Society member

Killer Frost was first seen during San Diego Comic Con 2010. He later reappeared at the New York Toy Fair 2011, confirmed to be part of convention-exclusive 3-pack releases.

Killer Frost is basically the last member of the Secret Society (JLU)'s original group not to have a figure, since though Clayface wasn't released under JLU, he did see an animated release in a previous Batman Animated line.

Though some fans were alright with a straight repaint of Ice ver 1 just to see a Killer Frost release, Mattel decided to keep her as show-accurate as possible with a new headsculpt faithful to the model sheets.

Releases and Accessories[]

Justice League (first release)[]

Pack Number Title Image Contents Release Date
Killer Frost™ Killer Frost ver 1, Firestorm ver 1, Angle Man ver 1 2011


  • On the packaging, a starburst sticker reads 'First Time in JLU style' referring to Killer Frost. The reason behind this is that Killer Frost has never received an action figure treatment either by DC Direct or any retail toy company, but she HAS had a collectible figure released courtesy of HeroClix.

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