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Package Title: DC Superheroes™ Justice League- Original Members Collection
Package Type: single
Sold As: retail-available
Toyline Justice League (first release)
Series: Justice League (first release)
Wave 1
Figures: Superman 1 ver 7
Batman 1 ver 8
Hawkgirl ver 4
The Flash 1 ver 5
Green Lantern 1 ver 3
Martian Manhunter 1 ver 7
Wonder Woman 2 ver 6
OR Wonder Woman 1 ver 4
(Philippine repack)
Accessories/Add-ons: none, cut-out cards
First Released: 2007

Other Details[]

Original Retail Price: $6.99 Philippine Rerelease Price: PhP 1,295.00

Toys-R-Us version[]

This Toys-R-Us exclusive package has Superman, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter released as 5POA figures but with the 9POA's more vibrant colors. The set also rereleases the staple Hawkgirl and the 2nd sculpt Wonder Woman figures to complete the set. This was in response to fan clamor for the more design-accurate sculpts to return to the market. After this exclusive Toys-R-Us set was released and the brand was renamed DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection, the figures in the set became staple figures for 3-packs, except for Batman and Martian Manhunter (who received new redos).

Philippine release[]

The package was rereleased in the Philippines a while later with two major differences. While the Toys-R-Us version had a 'Toys-R-Us exclusive sticker' this one did not. Also the Wonder Woman packaged in the set was not the 2nd sculpt but the new redone version of the fan-requested 1st sculpt- Wonder Woman 1 ver 4. The new figure, more faithful to the original design later reappeared in DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection.