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Lightning LadLightning Lad (Legion of Super Heroes)

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Lightning Lad (Legion of Super Heroes)
Lightning Lad (Legion of Super Heroes)
Alias: Lightning Lad
Real Name: Garth Ranzz
Place of Origin: Winath
Affiliation: Legion of Super Heroes
First Appearance Man of Tomorrow
Voice Actor: Andy Milder
Character Type: hero

Lightning Lad was a brash and hotheaded member of the Legion of Super Heroes, and the most vocal dissenter of bringing Superman to the 31st century, as he thougth they didn't need his help. He got his lightning powers when as a child he, his twin sister Ayla and their older brother Mekt got stranded in planet Korbal and were attacked by electric beasts. Garth and Mekt got lightning powers, and Ayla disappeared.

A Lightning Lad figure was planned with the Legion of Super Heroes toyline. The line however did not see production, but Lightning Lad was released as a Happy Meal non-articulated figure by McDonald's.


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