This is a PACKAGE page. It details what toys, figures or accessories are included in the particular package.
Package Title: "Attack from Apokolips™"
Package Type: 6-pack
Sold As: Target exclusive
Toyline DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection
Series: Series 7
Wave Wave 1 (reboot)
Figures: Superman 1 ver 7
Mister Miracle ver 1
Forager ver 1
Darkseid ver 1
Lashina ver 1
Mantis ver 1
Accessories/Add-ons: Shield (JLU accessory)
First Released: 2008
Re-released: TBA

This pack was first revealed in ToyFare magazine. This is the first 6-pack that featured an accessory. Two versions of this pack exist. One with a blue shield for Forager, and one with yellow.