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A line of toys that were debuted in 2008 to be sold exclusively on Mattel's collector website (www.mattycollector.com). Sculpted by the Four Horsemen Studios, these toys are updated versions of previous figures as well as figures of characters that have never before had a toy. As of February 2010, the figures of He-man and Skeletor are available as Toys R Us exclusives packed in two-packs with Superman (DC Universe) and Lex Luthor (DC Universe) respectively.

Regular Figures[]

Figures Image Accessories Release Date
He-Man (MOTUC) Motuc-heman.jpg He-Man harness (MOTUC accessory), Power Sword (MOTUC accessory), Rivet shield (MOTUC accessory), Power axe (MOTUC accessory), Power Sword half (MOTUC accessory) Dec 2008
Beast Man (MOTUC) Motuc-beastman.jpg Evil warrior whip (MOTUC accessory), Beast armor (MOTUC accessory) Dec 2008
Skeletor (MOTUC) Motuc-skeletor.jpg Skeletor's harness (MOTUC accessory), Havoc staff (MOTUC accessory), Power Sword (MOTUC accessory), Rivet shield (MOTUC accessory), Power axe (MOTUC accessory), Power Sword half (MOTUC accessory) Jan 2009
Stratos (MOTUC) Motuc-stratos.jpg none Jan 2009
Faker (MOTUC) Motuc-faker.jpg Skeletor's harness (MOTUC accessory), Power Sword (MOTUC accessory), Power Sword half (MOTUC accessory) Mar 2009
Mer-Man (MOTUC) Motuc-merman.jpg Mer-Man sword (MOTUC accessory), Mer-Man armor (MOTUC accessory), Mer-Man staff (MOTUC accessory), Alternate head (MOTUC) Apr 2009
Zodac (MOTUC) Motuc-zodac.jpg Zodac (MOTUC accessory) May 2009
Hordak (MOTUC) Motuc-hordak.jpg Hordak staff (MOTUC accessory), Horde cross-bow (MOTUC accessory), Horde bat (MOTUC pack-in) June 2009
Man-At-Arms (MOTUC) Motuc-manatarms.jpg Mace (MOTUC accessory), Guard gun (MOTUC accessory), Guard sword (MOTUC accessory), Electronic Power Sword (MOTUC accessory) July 2009
Tri-Klops (MOTUC) Motuc-triklops.jpg Tri-Klops sword (MOTUC accessory), Doomseeker (MOTUC accessory), Grayskull ring (MOTUC pack-in), Electro-sword (MOTUC accessory) August 2009
Webstor (MOTUC) Motuc-webstor.jpg Rifle (MOTUC accessory), Grapple (MOTUC accessory) September 2009
Teela (MOTUC) Motuc-teela.jpg Teela sword (MOTUC accessory), Snake armor (MOTUC accessory), Snake staff (MOTUC accessory), Teela shield (MOTUC accessory), Alternate head (MOTUC), Zoar (MOTUC pack-in) October 2009
Zodak (MOTUC) Motuc-zodak.jpg Zodak staff (MOTUC accessory) October 2009 BONUS
Scareglow (MOTUC) Motuc-scareglow.jpg Scythe (MOTUC accessory), Reliquary (MOTUC accessory) November 2009
King Randor (MOTUC) Motuc-kingrandor.jpg King's staff (MOTUC accessory), Queen's staff (MOTUC accessory) December 2009
The Goddess (MOTUC) Motuc-goddess.jpg Snake armor (MOTUC accessory), Snake staff (MOTUC accessory), Teela shield (MOTUC accessory), Alternate head (MOTUC), Power axe (MOTUC accessory), Teela shield (MOTUC accessory), He-Man harness (MOTUC accessory) October 2009
Adora (MOTUC) Motuc-adora.jpg Sword of Protection (MOTUC accessory), Force captain pistol (MOTUC accessory), Pistol holster (MOTUC accessory) January 2010
Battle Armor He-Man (MOTUC) Motuc-battlearmorheman.jpg Power axe (MOTUC accessory), chest pieces


Trap Jaw (MOTUC) Motuc-trapjaw.jpg Trap Jaw arm attachments (MOTUC accessory), Alternate head (MOTUC), alternate arm February 2010
Battle Cat (MOTUC) Motuc-battlecat.jpg Battle Cat helmet (MOTUC accessory), Cat saddle (MOTUC accessory) February 2010 LARGE figure
Moss Man (MOTUC) Motuc-mossmanflocked.jpg Earth mace (MOTUC accessory), Satchel (MOTUC accessory), Alternate head (MOTUC) March 2010
Evil-Lyn (MOTUC) Motuc-evillyn.jpg Witch staffs (MOTUC accessory), Witch crystal (MOTUC accessory), Athame (MOTUC accessory), Screech (MOTUC pack-in) April 2010
Optikk (MOTUC) Motuc-optikk.jpg Futuristic rifle (MOTUC accessory), Disc shield (MOTUC accessory), Alternate head (MOTUC) May 2010
Tytus (MOTUC) Motuc-tytus.jpg Capture claw (MOTUC accessory) May 2010 LARGE FIGURE
She-Ra (MOTUC) Motuc-shera.jpg Comb axe (MOTUC accessory), Sword of Protection (MOTUC accessory), Princess mask (MOTUC accessory), She-ra cape (MOTUC accessory), Alternate head (MOTUC) June 2010
Keldor (MOTUC) Motuc-keldor.jpg Power sword (MOTUC accessory), Power Sword half (MOTUC accessory), Acid vial (MOTUC accessory) June 2010 QUARTERLY FIGURE
Count Marzo (MOTUC) Motuc-countmarzo.jpg Amulet sword (MOTUC accessory), Amulet (MOTUC accessory) July 2010
Whiplash (MOTUC) Motuc-whiplash.jpg Royal spear (MOTUC accessory), Electro-shocker (MOTUC accessory) August 2010
Chief Carnivus (MOTUC) Motuc-chiefcarnivus.jpg Sword of Saz (MOTUC accessory), Cat shield (MOTUC accessory) September 2010
Gygor (MOTUC) Motuc-gygor.jpg Large axe (MOTUC accessory), helmet September 2010 LARGE FIGURE
Roboto (MOTUC) Motuc-roboto.jpg Roboto arm attachments (MOTUC accessory) November 2010
Grizzlor (MOTUC) Motuc-grizzlor.jpg Horde cross-bow (MOTUC accessory), Grizzlor mini-weapons (MOTUC accessory) October 2010
King Grayskull v2 (MOTUC) Motuc-kinggrayskullv2.jpg Power Sword (MOTUC accessory), Power Sword half (MOTUC accessory) (2x), Orb (MOTUC accessory), Rivet shield (MOTUC accessory) November 2010 QUARTERLY FIGURE
Buzz-Off (MOTUC) Motuc-buzzoff.jpg Bee staff (MOTUC accessory), Hand axe (MOTUC accessory), Bee goggles (MOTUC accessory) December 2010
Vikor (MOTUC) Motuc-vikor.jpg Vikor axe (MOTUC accessory), Vikor helmet (MOTUC accessory), Vikor shield (MOTUC accessory), Vikor sword (MOTUC accessory) January 2011
Palace Guards (MOTUC) Motuc-palaceguards.jpg Hand axe (MOTUC accessory), 2 Long axe (MOTUC accessory), Hand club (MOTUC accessory), 2 Guard shield (MOTUC accessory), 2 pcs Alternate head (MOTUC) January 2011 non-sub
Bow (MOTUC) Motuc-bow.jpg Bow's bow (MOTUC accessory), Bow's harp (MOTUC accessory), Bow's arrow (MOTUC accessory), Vikor sword (MOTUC accessory), 2 chest emblems, Alternate head (MOTUC) February 2011
Shadow Beast (MOTUC) Motuc-shadowbeast.jpg Shadow beast club (MOTUC accessory) February 2011
King Hsss (MOTUC) Motuc-kinghsss.jpg Snake sceptre (MOTUC accessory), Snake shield (MOTUC accessory), alternate snake form March 2011
Battle Armor Skeletor (MOTUC) Motuc-battlearmorskeletor.jpg Power axe (MOTUC accessory), chest pieces March 2011 QUARTERLY FIGURE
Sy-Klone (MOTUC) Motuc-syklone.jpg Cyclone ring (MOTUC accessory), Cyclone shield (MOTUC accessory) April 2011
Panthor (MOTUC) Motuc-panthor.jpg Cat saddle (MOTUC accessory), Panthor helmet (MOTUC accessory) April 2011 LARGE FIGURE
Catra (MOTUC) Motuc-catra.jpg Catra toy mask (MOTUC accessory), Catra cartoon mask (MOTUC accessory), Catra whip (MOTUC accessory), Catra sword (MOTUC accessory), Catra shield (MOTUC accessory) May 2011
Faceless One (MOTUC) Motuc-facelessone.jpg Ram stone (MOTUC accessory), Havoc staff (MOTUC accessory) June 2011
Battleground Teela (MOTUC) Motuc-battlegroundteela.jpg Battleground sword (MOTUC accessory), Battleground pistol (MOTUC accessory) June 2011 QUARTERLY FIGURE
Clawful (MOTUC) Motuc-clawful.jpg Shell hand club (MOTUC accessory), Clawful shield (MOTUC accessory) July 2011
Man-E-Faces (MOTUC) Motuc-manefaces.jpg Pistol (MOTUC accessory), Alternate head (MOTUC) August 2011
Megator (MOTUC) Motuc-megator.jpg Wrecking ball (MOTUC accessory), Alternate head (MOTUC) August 2011 LARGE FIGURE
Leech (MOTUC) Motuc-leech.JPG Horde cross-bow (MOTUC accessory), Capture net (MOTUC accessory) September 2011
Hurricane Hordak (MOTUC) Motuc-hurricanehordak.JPG Hurricane arm attachments (MOTUC accessory) September 2011 QUARTERLY FIGURE
Icarius (MOTUC) Motuc-icarius.JPG Flipshot missile launcher (MOTUC accessory), Flipshot jetpack (MOTUC accessory), Alternate head (MOTUC) October 2011
Snout Spout (MOTUC) Motuc-snoutspout.JPG Snout Spout axe (MOTUC accessory), Jaws of life (MOTUC accessory) November 2011
Swift Wind (MOTUC) Motuc-swiftwind.JPG None November 2011 LARGE figure
Bubble Power She-Ra (MOTUC) 70px Comb axe (MOTUC accessory), Sword of Protection (MOTUC accessory), Princess mask (MOTUC accessory), She-ra cape (MOTUC accessory), Bubble blaster (MOTUC accessory) November 2011
Demo-Man (MOTUC) Motuc-demoman.JPG Demo-Man sword (MOTUC accessory), Demo-Man mace (MOTUC accessory), Skull (MOTUC accessory), Alternate head (MOTUC) December 2011
Battleground Evil-Lyn (MOTUC) Motuc-battlegroundevillyn.JPG Witch staffs (MOTUC accessory), Witch cape (MOTUC accessory), Alternate head (MOTUC) December 2011 QUARTERLY FIGURE
Wind Raider (MOTUC) Motuc-windraider.JPG Stand December 2011 VEHICLE
Star Sisters (MOTUC) Motuc-starsisters.JPG Star Sister staff (MOTUC accessory) (x3), Tallstar extensions (MOTUC), Glory Bird (MOTUC pack-in) January 2012
Sorceress (MOTUC) Motuc-sorceress.JPG Sorceress staff (MOTUC accessory), Zoar (MOTUC pack-in) February 2012
Fisto (MOTUC) Motuc-fisto.JPG Tri-Klops sword (MOTUC accessory), Fisto 2002 sword (MOTUC accessory), Fisto 2002 belt (MOTUC accessory), Alternate head (MOTUC) February 2012
Fearless Photog (MOTUC) Motuc-fearlessphotog.jpg Photog shield (MOTUC accessory), Camera rifle (MOTUC accessory) February 2012
Kobra Khan (MOTUC) Motuc-kobrakhan.jpg Pistol (MOTUC accessory), Alternate head (MOTUC) March 2012
Thunder Punch He-Man (MOTUC) Motuc-thunderpunchheman.JPG Power Sword (MOTUC accessory), Thunder Punch shield (MOTUC accessory), Thunder Punch energy (MOTUC accessory) April 2012 QUARTERLY FIGURE
Draego-Man (MOTUC) Motuc-draegoman.JPG Flaming sword (MOTUC accessory) April 2012
Stinkor (MOTUC) Motuc-stinkor.JPG Stinkor shield (MOTUC accessory), Stinkor rifle (MOTUC accessory), Alternate head (MOTUC) May 2012
Slush Head (MOTUC) Motuc-slushhead.jpg Axe rifle (MOTUC accessory) May 2012
Mighty Spector (MOTUC) 70px Pistol (MOTUC accessory) May 2012
Horde Prime (MOTUC) Motuc-hordeprime.JPG Horde cross-bow (MOTUC accessory), Alternate head (MOTUC) June 2012
Snake Man-At-Arms (MOTUC) Motuc-snakemanatarms.JPG Mace (MOTUC accessory), Serpent's Ring (MOTUC accessory) June 2012 QUARTERLY FIGURE
Griffin (MOTUC) Motuc-griffin.JPG Griffin saddle (MOTUC accessory) June 2012 LARGE figure
Spikor (MOTUC) Motuc-spikor.JPG Spikor mace (MOTUC accessory), Spikor arm attachments (MOTUC accessory) July 2012
Sir Laser-Lot (MOTUC) 70px Laser-Lot sword (MOTUC accessory), Laser-Lot shield (MOTUC accessory), Laser-Lot mace (MOTUC accessory) August 2012
Mekaneck (MOTUC) Motuc-mekaneck.jpg Mekaneck mace (MOTUC accessory), Neck extension (MOTUC) (x2) September 2012
Dragon Blaster Skeletor (MOTUC) Motuc-dragonblasterskeletor.JPG Power Sword (MOTUC accessory), Skeletor's dragon (MOTUC pack-in) September 2012 QUARTERLY FIGURE
Snake Men (MOTUC) Motuc-snakemen.jpg Alternate head (MOTUC) September 2012
Frosta (MOTUC) Motuc-frosta.JPG Frosta staff (MOTUC accessory), Sword of Protection shield form (MOTUC accessory) October 2012
Rattlor (MOTUC) Motuc-rattlor.JPG Snake sceptre (MOTUC accessory), Neck extension (MOTUC) October 2012
Cy-Chop (MOTUC) Motuc-cychop.jpg None October 2012
Dekker (MOTUC) Motuc-dekker.JPG Mace (MOTUC accessory), Alternate head (MOTUC) November 2012
Eternos Palace King Randor (MOTUC) 70px King's staff (MOTUC accessory), Goblet (MOTUC accessory) November 2012 QUARTERLY FIGURE
Castle Grayskullman (MOTUC) Motuc-castlegrayskullman.jpg Castle Grayskullman sword (MOTUC accessory) (x2), Castle Grayskullman shield (MOTUC accessory) November 2012
Temple of Darkness Sorceress (MOTUC) Motuc-templeofdarknesssorceress.JPG Sorceress staff (MOTUC accessory), Orb stand (MOTUC accessory) November 2012
Mosquitor (MOTUC) Motuc-mosquitor.JPG Mosquitor rifle (MOTUC accessory) December 2012
Procrustus (MOTUC) Motuc-procrustus.JPG Star Seed (MOTUC accessory) December 2012 LARGE FIGURE
Granamyr (MOTUC) Motuc-granamyr.JPG None December 2012 LARGE FIGURE
Netossa (MOTUC) Motuc-netossa.JPG Sword of Protection shield form (MOTUC accessory), Net cape (MOTUC accessory) January 2013
Jitsu (MOTUC) Motuc-jitsu.JPG Jitsu sword (MOTUC accessory), Jitsu axe (MOTUC accessory) (x2) February 2009
Ram Man (MOTUC) Motuc-ramman.jpg Ram Man axe (MOTUC accessory), Alternate head (MOTUC) February 2013 LARGE figure
Fang Man (MOTUC) Motuc-fangman.jpg Fang Man sword (MOTUC accessory), Fang Man mace (MOTUC accessory), Wheel of Time (MOTUC accessory) March 2013
Strobo (MOTUC) Motuc-strobo.jpg Dark star (MOTUC accessory), Alternate head (MOTUC) March 2013
Snake Face (MOTUC) Motuc-snakeface.JPG Snake sceptre (MOTUC accessory), Snake Face shield (MOTUC accessory), Alternate head (MOTUC) April 2013
Karatti (MOTUC) Motuc-karatti.JPG Axe rifle (MOTUC accessory), Karatti knife (MOTUC accessory) May 2013
Fighting Foe Men (MOTUC) Motuc-fightingfoemen.JPG May 2013
Octavia (MOTUC) Motuc-octavia.JPG Horde cross-bow (MOTUC accessory), Octavia sword (MOTUC accessory) (x4) June 2013
Clamp Champ (MOTUC) Motuc-clampchamp.jpg Clamp (MOTUC accessory) July 2013
Galactic Protector He-Man (MOTUC) Motuc-galacticprotectorheman.jpg Power Sword (MOTUC accessory), New Adventures He-Man shield (MOTUC accessory), Alternate head (MOTUC), Alternate armor (MOTUC accessory) July 2013 QUARTERLY FIGURE
Icer (MOTUC) Motuc-icer.jpg Ice club (MOTUC accessory), Staff of Avion (MOTUC accessory) July 2013
Spirit Hordak (MOTUC) Motuc-spirithordak.jpg Horde cross-bow (MOTUC accessory) FREQUENT RANDOM RELEASES
Castaspella (MOTUC) Motuc-castaspella.jpg Clip-on disc (MOTUC accessory), Magical energy (MOTUC accessory) August 2013
Shokoti (MOTUC) Motuc-shokoti.jpg Darkling (MOTUC pack-in) August 2013
Batros (MOTUC) Motuc-batros.jpg Spikor mace (MOTUC accessory) September 2013
Sky High (MOTUC) Motuc-skyhigh.jpg Wind Raider wings-mace (MOTUC Accessory) Battle Ram (MOTUC vehicle) September 2013
Mantenna (MOTUC) Motuc-mantenna.jpg Horde cross-bow (MOTUC accessory) October 2013
Lord Dactys (MOTUC) Motuc-lorddactys.jpg Sword of Ke-dik (MOTUC accessory) October 2013
Nepthu (MOTUC) Motuc-nepthu.jpg Sun Scarab Ankh (MOTUC accessory) Zoar (MOTUC pack-in) October 2013
Horde Troopers (MOTUC) Motuc-hordetrooper.jpg Horde crossbow (MOTUC accessory) (x2) Electro staff (MOTUC accessory) (x2) Dragon stick (MOTUC accessory) (x2) Horde shield (MOTUC accessory) (x2) October 2013
Geldor (MOTUC) Motuc-geldor.jpg Geldor axe (MOTUC accessory) Secret Liquid of Life (MOTUC accessory) November 2013
Sea Hawk (MOTUC) Motuc-seahawk.jpg Sea Hawk sword (MOTUC accessory) Sea Hawk shield (MOTUC accessory) November 2013
Plundor (MOTUC) Motuc-plundor.jpg Power axe (MOTUC accessory) Plundor rifle (MOTUC accessory) December 2013
Strong-or (MOTUC) Motuc-strongor.jpg Strongarm gun (MOTUC accessory) December 2013
Two-Bad (MOTUC) Motuc-twobad.jpg Two-Bad shield (MOTUC accessory), Two-Bad mace (MOTUC accessory) January 2014
Glimmer (MOTUC) Motuc-glimmer.jpg Glimmer staff (MOTUC accessory), Glimmer orb (MOTUC accessory) February 2014
Modulok (MOTUC) Motuc-modulok.jpg February 2014
Hydron (MOTUC) Motuc-hydron.jpg Hydron harpoon gun (MOTUC accessory) March 2014
The Unnamed One (MOTUC) Motuc-theunnamedone.jpg March 2014
Blade (MOTUC) Motuc-blade.jpg Blade sword (MOTUC accessory) (x2) Laser whip (MOTUC accessory) April 2014
Kowl (MOTUC) Motuc-kowl.jpg Loo-Kee (MOTUC) April 2014
Goatman (MOTUC) Motuc-goatman.jpg Goatman hammer (MOTUC accessory) Emerald Staff (MOTUC accessory) April 2014
Scorpia (MOTUC) Motuc-scorpia.jpg Horde cross-bow (MOTUC accessory) May 2014
Battle Lion (MOTUC) Motuc-battlelion.jpg Battle Cat 2002 helmet (MOTUC accessory), 2002 Cat saddle (MOTUC accessory) May 2014 LARGE figure
Extendar (MOTUC) Motuc-extendar.jpg Extendar lance (MOTUC accessory), Extendar shield (MOTUC accessory), Extendar extensions (MOTUC), June 2014
Flogg (MOTUC) Motuc-flogg.jpg Flogg's whip (MOTUC accessory) Power Sword (MOTUC accessory) July 2014
Double Mischief (MOTUC) Motuc-doublemischief.jpg Horde cross-bow (MOTUC accessory) July 2014
Flutterina (MOTUC) Motuc-flutterina.jpg Battleground sword (MOTUC accessory) Sword of Protection shield form (MOTUC accessory) August 2014
Intergalactic Skeletor (MOTUC) Motuc-intergalacticskeletor.jpg Havoc Staff (MOTUC accessory), Alternate head (MOTUC) August 2014 QUARTERLY FIGURE
Madame Razz (MOTUC) Motuc-madamerazz.jpg Broom (MOTUC) August 2014
Rio Blast (MOTUC) Motuc-rioblast.jpg Rio Blast backpack (MOTUC accessory) September 2014
Entrapta (MOTUC) Motuc-entrapta.jpg Entrapta staff (MOTUC accessory) September 2014

Exclusive Figures[]

Figures Image Accessories Release Date
King Grayskull (MOTUC) Motuc-kinggrayskull.jpg Power axe (MOTUC accessory), Power Sword (MOTUC accessory) Rivet shield (MOTUC accessory) SDCC 2008
He-Ro (MOTUC) Motuc-hero.jpg He-Ro staff (MOTUC accessory), Power Sword (MOTUC accessory) SDCC 2009
Wun-Dar (MOTUC) Motuc-wundar.jpg Zodac armor (MOTUC accessory), Power Sword (MOTUC accessory), Pistol (MOTUC accessory), bread subscription exclusive
Orko (MOTUC) and Prince Adam (MOTUC) Motuc-orko.jpg + Motuc-princeadam.jpg Orko staff (MOTUC accessory), Good book of spells (MOTUC accessory), Power Sword (MOTUC accessory), Power Sword half (MOTUC accessory) SDCC 2010
Mo-Larr (MOTUC) and Missing-tooth Skeletor (MOTUC) Motuc-molarr.jpg + Motuc-missingtoothskeletor.jpg Dental supplies (MOTUC accessory), Havoc staff (MOTUC accessory), Power Sword (MOTUC accessory) SDCC 2010
Preternia Disguise He-Man (MOTUC) Motuc-preterniadisguiseheman.jpg Cosmic Key (MOTUC accessory), Power Sword (MOTUC accessory), Bionatops blaster (MOTUC accessory) subscription exclusive
Queen Marlena (MOTUC)/Captain Glenn (MOTUC) and Cringer (MOTUC) Motuc-queenmarlena.jpg OR Motuc-captainglenn.jpg + Motuc-cringer.jpg Dental supplies (MOTUC accessory), Havoc staff (MOTUC accessory), Power Sword (MOTUC accessory) SDCC 2011
Shadow Weaver (MOTUC) Motuc-shadowweaver.JPG Shadow Weaver sceptre (MOTUC accessory), Book (MOTUC accessory) February 2012 subscription exclusive
Vykron (MOTUC) Motuc-vykron.jpg OR Motuc-spaceace.jpg OR Motuc-tanktop.jpg Barbarian Vykron armor (MOTUC accessory), Space Ace armor (MOTUC accessory), Tank Top armor (MOTUC accessory) SDCC 2012
King He-Man (MOTUC) Motuc-kingheman.jpg King staff (MOTUC accessory), Electronic Power Sword (MOTUC accessory) 2013 subscription exclusive
Rokkon & Stonedar (MOTUC) Motuc-rokkon&stonedar.jpg Rock People rifle (MOTUC accessory) (x2), Cip-on rock armor (MOTUC accessory) (x2) SDCC 2013
Standor (MOTUC) Motuc-standor.jpg Comikaze 2013
Light Hope (MOTUC) Motuc-lighthope.jpg Light Hope staff (MOTUC accessory) October 2014 subscription exclusive

Weapons Rack[]

Title Image Contents Release Date
Weapons Pak 1 (MOTUC) 70px Recolors of Scythe (MOTUC accessory), Hand club (MOTUC accessory), Beast armor (MOTUC accessory), Power Sword (MOTUC accessory), Power axe (MOTUC accessory), Rivet shield (MOTUC accessory), Scythe (MOTUC accessory), Zodac armor (MOTUC accessory), Cosmic blaster (MOTUC accessory), Cosmic staff (MOTUC accessory), Cosmic battle armor (MOTUC accessory), Electronic Power Sword (MOTUC accessory), Evil warrior whip (MOTUC accessory), Mercenary knife (MOTUC accessory), Mercenary blaster (MOTUC accessory), Horde cross-bow (MOTUC accessory), Stratos jet-pack (MOTUC accessory), Rifle (MOTUC accessory) April 2011
Weapons Pak 2 (MOTUC) 70px Recolors of Mer-Man sword (MOTUC accessory), Mer-Man armor (MOTUC accessory), Mer-Man staff (MOTUC accessory), Witch staffs (MOTUC accessory), Witch crystal (MOTUC accessory), Athame (MOTUC accessory), Zoar armor and stand (MOTUC accessory), Roboto arm attachments (MOTUC accessory), Rivet shield (MOTUC accessory), Power axe (MOTUC accessory), Royal spear (MOTUC accessory), Electro-shocker (MOTUC accessory), Sword of Protection (MOTUC accessory), Futuristic rifle (MOTUC accessory), Disc shield (MOTUC accessory) April 2011
Weapons Rack (MOTUC) 70px Recolors of Scythe (MOTUC accessory), Royal spear (MOTUC accessory), Guard gun (MOTUC accessory), Long axe (MOTUC accessory), Hand club (MOTUC accessory), Guard shield (MOTUC accessory), Rifle (MOTUC accessory), Guard (sword) (MOTUC accessory) April 2011