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Megator (MOTUC)
Megator (MOTUC)
Basis: original toyline
First Released 2011
Buck/Body Type: motuc giant
Points of Articulation: [[]]
Character Type Evil Horde

Official Bio[]

Real Name: Moleb the Destroyer

An Eternian giant in service to Hordak, Megator lead Hordak’s troops in battle during the Great Wars. He was recruited to help bolster the Horde’s ranks after Tytus and several other giants from the Mountains of Perpetua allied themselves with King Grayskull. Megator was killed during the first Ultimate Battleground, caught in the iron jaws of Central Tower when the Three Towers were enchanted to sink into Sub-ternia. His remains were discovered millennia later by King Hsss who magically reanimated him into a mindless zombie. He served King Hsss and fought against Hordak and the Masters of the Universe in the Second Ultimate Battleground – once again dying on the battlefield.