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Squidish Rex
Gender: Male
Toylines: Masters of the Universe Classics
Character Type: Villain

Official Bio[]


Masters of the Universe Classics[]

Figures Image Accessories Release Date
Mer-Man (MOTUC) Motuc-merman Mer-Man sword (MOTUC accessory), Mer-Man armor (MOTUC accessory), Mer-Man staff (MOTUC accessory), Alternate head (MOTUC) Apr 2009

In the comics and media[]

Mer-Man was the ruler of an underwater kingdom, but his ambition did not know limits and led him into conflict with Aquatar, another underwater ruler. Mer-Man on, but his kingdom was devastated.

He would later be recruited by Keldor. After the Evil Warriors were banished to the Dark Hemisphere, it was Mer-Man who found the Coridite crystal needed to scratch the Mystic Wall. This scratch would allow Skeletor to blow the wall to smithereens.