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Metamorpho (DCUC wave 1)
Metamorpho (DCUC wave 1)
Figure (and number): none, CnC
Description: Gorilla Grodd
Basis: comic version
First Released DCUC wave 2
Buck/Body Type: basic
Points of Articulation: 23
Character Type hero

Official Bio[]

Metamorpho/Rex Mason, the Element Man does not have an official package bio, because he is a Collect-and-Connect figure, with parts of him being sold alongside other figures in different packages.

Other Details[]

Size: 16 cm
Accessories: mud stand, magma hand, hammer hand
Sculpted by: The Four Horsemen




Rex Mason is definitely a hit ‘Collect and Connect’ figure. Made up of five basic parts distributed among the five regular figures. As a basic figure he stands as tall as the rest of the DCUC generic body sculpt figures, but is sculpted entirely uniquely, with etched upper torso/arms and sculpted toes. This is also the first Mattel 6″ figure to sport clear limbs (his left leg). The figure comes with three accessories, one for each hand (a hammer and a large magma hand) and a ‘mud’ stand which his right leg plugs onto. This is perhaps the only Collect and Connect/Build-A-Figure figure of regular size but Mattel makes up for it with fantastic accessories.

The figure is named ‘Rex Mason:The Element Man’ instead of ‘Metamorpho’. This is possibly due to licensing issues, with another company claiming rights to a figure, Metamorpho for another toyline. Oddly enough, animated Justice League Metamorpho figures, named as such, have been released both in the Justice League Unlimited and DC Superheroes: Justice League Unlimited lines.

Figure Fixes[]

There are some people having trouble with the leg parts as they keep falling off the hip. If you are having this problem simple hotglue the tip/head of the peg to make the head just slightly larger. Leave the body of the peg untouched as this will act as a swivel once the peg is on the jack.