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Mr. Miracle (JLU)
Alias: Mr. Miracle
Real Name: Scott Free
Place of Origin: New Genesis
Affiliation: New Gods
First Appearance Apokolips Now
Voice Actor: .
Character Type: hero

Scott Free was the son of Highfather, the leader of New Genesis, but was exchanged for Orion, Darkseid's son as part of a pact between Apokolips and New Genesis. In Apokolips, Scott was handed to Granny Goodness, who mistreated him until he eventually escaped to Earth where he became escape artist Mister Miracle. At some point, he convinced Barda, one of Darkseid's agents, to turn to the side of good, and they eventually married.

Figure Image Description Release Basis
Mr. Miracle ver 1 Mrmiraclever1 darker colors DC Superheroes:Justice League Unlimited 3-pack, DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection 6-pack show-based
Mr. Miracle ver 2 File:Mrmiraclever2.jpg vivid colors DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection 3-pack show-based