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Package Title: Galatea 3-pack
Package Type: 3-pack
Sold As: Target exclusive
Toyline DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection
Series: Series 7
Wave Wave 1 (reboot)
Figures: Superman 1 ver 7
Huntress ver 2
Galatea ver 1
OR Galatea ver 2
Accessories/Add-ons: none
First Released: 2008
Re-released: TBA

"Revealed to be a clone of Supergirl, Galatea leads an army of cloned Ultimen against The Watchtower. With Superman and the other founding members gone, Huntress helps the JLU fight off the invaders."

This pack was released twice. The first pack featured Galatea without eyebrows. After some fan demand, the paint was corrected and the pack was rereleased, now with Galatea sporting eyebrows. This does, however mark the first time that Huntress (ver 2) was rereleased since her single release.