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Package Title: "Attack from Thanagar™"
Package Type: 6-pack
Sold As: Target exclusive
Toyline DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection
Series: Series 10
Wave Wave 4 (reboot)
Figures: Green Lantern 1 ver 9
Hawkgirl ver 8
Lt. Kraager ver 8
Hro Talak ver 8
Paran Dul (JLU)
Batman 1 ver 9
Accessories/Add-ons: none
First Released: 2009
Re-released: TBA

Marking the first time this many Thanagarians have ever appeared in a DC Comics toy pack, this figure pack, which is based on the Justice League finale episode/film"Starcrossed", features the first time Shayera Hol's likeness was used (maskless) for a retail figure. The figure pack also contains all three of the lead anti-heroes from the film/episode- Hro Talak (originally the counterpart to Hawkman), Kragger and Paran Dul who is essentially a repaint of the Justice Lords version of Hawkgirl.

Image from Fwoosh [1]