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Package Title: Dr. Fate™
Package Type: single
Sold As: Target exclusive
Toyline DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection
Series: Series 9
Wave Wave 3 (reboot)
Figures: Dr. Fate ver 2
Accessories/Add-ons: Lightning ankh (JLU accessory)
First Released: 2009
Re-released: TBA

"Wearing the legendary Helmet of Nabu, Hector Hall takes on the mantle of Dr. Fate, the world's most powerful mage and sorcerer. From his windowless watchtower he helps protect the world from other-dimensional threats and magical menaces."

Part of a series of color-corrected offerings from Mattel, Dr. Fate and his ankh are both recolored. Dr. Fate is now closer to show-accurate, while the ankh is translucent.

Note: The bio states Hector Hall, but the TV show has Kent Nelson as Dr. Fate.