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Package Title: Batman™
Package Type: single
Sold As: Target exclusive
Toyline DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection
Series: Series 10
Wave Wave 4 (reboot)
Figures: Batman 1 ver 11
Accessories/Add-ons: Batarang grapnel gun (JLU accessory)
First Released: 2009
Re-released: TBA

"The hero known as Batman leaps over the rooftops of Gotham City in his never ending quest to protect the innocent. Armed with a grapnel gun and his utility belt, Batman always has an arsenal of gadgets and weapons at his disposal."

This pack is a release of an all-new Batman repaint with the release of grapnel gun which missed release when Series 6 Batman didn't see retail. The pack's bio shares contents with the other Batman figures in the wave and the wave that follows.