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Nth metal mace (JLU accessory)
Nth metal mace (JLU accessory)
Item: Nth metal mace
Packed with: Hawkgirl, Hawkman
Basis: show-based
Packages: Regular version-JL:B5029, Silver Storm,
Gold redeco-JLU:H7189
First Released 2005

The mace, Hawkgirl's signature weapon, was released with every single-carded release of her. Unfortunately, there weren't many. Thus, collectors late in the game, especially the ones who started in the rebranding to DC Superheroes:Justice League Unlimited had to get by without a mace for their Hawkgirl figure. The rebranding once again to DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection gave collectors a break by releasing five of the most wanted accessories for JLU figures in one wave, and this time the mace came with Hawkman. Many a collector picked up the Hawkman pack for the accessory, while customizers bought the figure for the standard body, and the wings.