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Octavia (MOTUC)
Octavia (MOTUC)
Basis: Filmation animated series
First Released 2013
Buck/Body Type: motuc female
Points of Articulation: [[]]
Character Type Evil Horde

Official Bio[]

Real Name: Polypus Rorqu

The unpredictable waters of the Etherian seas are home to many sea creatures, none more dangerous and cunning than the Aquatican warrior Octavia™. Working her way up the Horde ranks, she eventually became a Horde Commander, first in her home waters of Octopus Cove and eventually serving Hordak® in The Sea of Sigh and the Fright Zone. Truly enjoying a good fight, she cackles shrilly while brandishing weapons in her four thrashing tentacles. Octavia™ uses her tentacles to hold weapons and capture her enemies, squeezing their bodies into submission.


  • Horde cross-bow (MOTUC accessory)
  • 4 Octavia sword (MOTUC accessory)