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Orion (DCUC wave 1)
Orion (DCUC wave 1)
Figure (and number): Wave 1 Figure 1
Description: Orion
Basis: basic design
First Released DCUC Wave 1
Buck/Body Type: basic
Points of Articulation: 23
Character Type hero

Official Bio[]

Born the son of the tyrannical Darkseid, lord of the planet Apokolips, Orion was adopted by the kind ruler Highfather and raised on the neighboring planet New Genesis as part of a truce between the two worlds. Orion's feral nature made him the fiercest fighter of all the new gods and ultimately helped him defeat Darkseid's plans to control the universe.

Other Details[]

Size: 16cm
Accessories: astro harness
Includes: Rex Mason, The Element Man's Right leg

Sculpted by: The Four Horsemen
Retooled into: Orion (DCUC New Gods Figure Pack)


Orion uses a generic base body made unique with metallic wristbands on the arm that latch onto his accessory. The generic body is perfect for Orion with its streamlined lean look. It’s unfortunate that the helmet is non-removable but the helmet sculpt was done really well. It’s not easy to take the helmet’s design seriously in 3-d but the Four Horsemen studios really pulled it off.The astro-harness/sled accessory is made of harder plastics for the harness, foot pedals/stands and handles and softer plastic for the pipe that connects the harness to its foot pedals/stands. It is colored blasters/controls on each side of the harness are articulated too. The mother box on the harness, according to Cornboy Mayse of the Four Horsemen was originally designed to be removable but was produced molded into the harness, perhaps due to safety issues.





For discriminating Mint-On-Card collectors, please note that there are also two packaging variants of ALL DCUC wave one figures, one that lists the Batman figure on the back of the card as ‘Crime Solver Batman’ and another that lists it as ‘Classic Detective Batman’.