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Package Title: Parasite™
Package Type: single
Sold As: Target exclusive
Toyline DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection
Series: Series 9
Wave Wave 3 (reboot)
Figures: Parasite ver 2
Accessories/Add-ons: Blade hand (JLU accessory)
First Released: 2009
Re-released: TBA

"After absorbing the powers of both Rex Mason, The Element Man and Elongated Man, Parasite becomes an almost unstoppable menace. With Superman occupied saving an airplane, the League calls on the World's Mightiest Mortal "Shazam!" to take down the power hungry villain."

The packaging bio recalls the intro scene of the episode "Clash", where Captain Marvel fills in for Superman and defeats Parasite. The bio has to dance around trademarks by referring to Metamorpho as Rex Mason and Captain Marvel as "Shazam!". As a likely reference to the episode and his off-screen battle with Metamorpho, Metamorpho's accessory is repainted to match Parasite and included in the set.