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Plastic ManPlastic Man (Batman:The Brave and the Bold)

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Plastic Man (Batman:The Brave and the Bold)
Plastic Man (Batman:The Brave and the Bold)
Alias: Plastic Man
Real Name: Patrick 'Eel' O'Brian
Place of Origin:
First Appearance Terror on Dinosaur Island!
Voice Actor: Tom Kenny
Character Type: hero

Plastic Man is a former thief turned hero who has worked alongside Batman several times. He has some trouble remaining honest, but at the end he always manages to do the right thing.


Title Image Contents Release Date
Capture Hand Plastic Man™ Bbpk-capturehandplasticman Plastic Man (BB basic figure) 2009
Blade Force Plastic Man™ Bbpk-bladeforceplasticman Plastic Man (BB basic figure) 2009
Stretch Attack Battle Pack Bbpk-stretchattackbattlepack Batman (BB Stretch Attack figure), Plastic Man (BB Stretch Attack figure), and Rubber Man (BB basic figure) 2010