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Plastic Man (DCUC Convention Exclusive)
Plastic Man (DCUC Convention Exclusive)
Figure (and number): n/a
Description: Plastic Man
Basis: comics
Packages: R6273
First Released July 2010
Buck/Body Type: unique
Points of Articulation: 23poa
Character Type hero



This Plastic Man figure is a 2010 convention release that comes with a full array of interchangeable parts. The package the figure comes in is also designed to look like Plastic Man's form. While it uses a slim-type buck, the arms, head, and lower body are removable, and interchangeable with the other parts.

The hands may be interchanged with:

  • Paddle/ball
  • Fly swatter

The regular arms may be interchanged with:

  • Sretchable arms

The lower body may be interchanged with:

  • Spring

An additional accessory, a suitcase body, is ONLY a San Diego Comic Con release. It can be fitted with Plastic Man's head and any of his arms. Inside it are chip-art comic covers.


Plastic Man comes in a full-color 'mailer' box. Once opened, it reveals a standard-sculpt DCUC package but with entirely Plastic Man art. Instead of the DCUC logos and cardback, the entire package is designed to appear as if Plastic Man had taken the form of the package. His goggles are atop the package where the DCUC logo normally is and is adjustable and wearable.


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