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Plastic ManPlastic Man (DC Universe)

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Plastic Man (DC Universe)
Patrick "Eel" O'Brian
Gender: male
Toylines: DC Universe Classics
DC Universe Infinite Heroes
Character Type: hero
Plastic Man

Official Bio[]

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Bio (DCUC)[]

During a botched robbery in 1941, Patrick "Eel" O'Brian was shot and fell into a vat of acid. The chemicals seeped into his O'Brian's wounds and altered his body. He discovered that his flesh could stretch into any shape he imagined. Reforming his wicked ways, O'Brian became the hero known as Plastic Man.


DC Universe Classics[]

Released in/as Image Label Description
DCUC exclusives Ex-plasticman Plastic Man Plastic Man
Plas with interchangeable parts to emulate his malleable body.
DCUC exclusives Ex-plasticmansuitcasebody Plastic Man Plastic Man (suitcase body)
Plas taking a suitcase shape.

DC Universe Infinite Heroes[]

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