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Procrustus (MOTUC)
Procrustus (MOTUC)
Basis: minicomics
First Released 2012
Buck/Body Type: motuc giant
Points of Articulation: 23
Character Type hero

Official Bio[]

Real Name: Procrustus

After the Gods created the Five dimensions, they hid their secret magic in the form of a star inside the core of a small planet in the center of the dimension of Eternia®. Naming the planet after the dimension it resided in, they assigned the immortal four-armed giant Procrustus™ to remain there and guard their magical secrets. Over the millennia, the magic began to seep out, and many wise magicians learned to tap into these powers for both good and evil. In time, the ruthless warlock Hordak® attempted to break apart Eternia® using a spell of separation in order to access the magic’s source. Although his spell was thwarted, Procrustus™ was now forced to literally hold the planet together remaining forever at the planet’s core!


  • Star Seed (MOTUC accessory)