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Ra's Al Ghul is the leader of the League of Shadows, who wants Batman to become his heir.

Ras mask

Ra's Al Ghul wearing the mask that would be included with the figure.

Even though the first figure of this version used an original armor, the detachable mask is based on the one Ra's wears in "The Demon's Quest".

1st sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Ra's Al Ghul File:Fg-kb-tabrrasalghul.jpg Ra's Al Ghul (TABR) 1993

2nd sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Shadows of Gotham City: Ra's Al Ghul File:Fg-kb-shadowsofgothamcityrasalghul.jpg Ra's Al Ghul (TNBA Shadows of Gotham City) 1997