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Red TornadoRed Tornado (Batman:The Brave and the Bold)

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Red Tornado (Batman:The Brave and the Bold)
Red Tornado (Batman:The Brave and the Bold)
Alias: Red Tornado
Real Name: John Ulthoon
Place of Origin:
Affiliation: former Justice League
First Appearance Invasion of the Secret Santas!
Voice Actor: Corey Burton
Character Type: hero

Red Tornado is a hero who has worked alongside Batman several times. He is an android, but lives a normal life as a college teacher.


Title Image Contents Release Date
Cyclone Spinner Red Tornado™ Bbpk-cyclonespinnerredtornado Red Tornado (BB basic figure) 2009
Cyclone Shooter Red Tornado™ Bbpk-cycloneshooterredtornado Red Tornado (BB basic figure) 2011