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The first ever Batman figure with black and gray parts in DCUC was the fists of clay Batman...


...which was repainted into the basic Batman figure.


All-Star Batman would've counted as a repaint. However, the belt is molded in a different color.

A repaint is a toy where the paint operations of a figure are different in a new one while the plastic of the toy itself is the same. True repaints are rare because most figures that undergo extensive color changes involve a change in the base plastic colors as well.

Repaint is often used as a synonym for a redeco by fans, but it differs in that redecos also require a chan.ge in the plastic's color itself.


  • Superman (DCUC Gotham City 5) is a repaint of Superman (DCUC Clash in the Cosmos).was redecoed
  • Batman (DCUC wave 1) was redecoed into Batman (DCUC Fists of Clay), which was then repainted into a basic Batman figure.
  • Steel had a vac-metallized repaint of his own figure.
  • Hal Jordan (DC Universe) has been the subject of numerous repaints and redecoes. While criticized by some for being overly repetitive, the figures are also praised for providing a Hal Jordan with nearly one for each imaginable 'look':
    • Vintage- black shoulders
    • Super Powers- no gray temples, iconic costume
    • Modern- no gray temples, modern costume
    • Iconic/Classic, gray temples, iconic costume
    • Super Friends- no gray temples, iconic costume, pupils in eyes.