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Robin (DCUC wave 3)
Robin (DCUC wave 3)
Figure (and number): Wave 3 Figure 4
Description: Robin
Basis: one year later
First Released DCUC wave 4
Buck/Body Type: unique
Points of Articulation: 23
Character Type hero

Official Bio[]

Tim Drake is the third youngster to serve as Robin, partner to Batman through rigorous and constant training, Robin keeps his physical edge, which, along with his knowledge of computers, makes him a formidable foe of Gotham City's villainous population. Tim balances his activities as Robin with his school and friends... but he is always ready to answer the call to action.

Other Details[]

Size: 14cm
Accessories: bo, 2 birdarangs
Includes: Solomon Grundy's left arm
Sculpted by: The Four Horsemen
Variant/Retooled into: Robin (DCUC Dynamic Duo)

Running Change[]

A great portion of the Robin figures released in wave 3 were incorrectly assembled using the larger right hand from Black Manta(figure pictured at right). Fans have coined this version "Pimp-Hand Robin". It was corrected in later runs, as well as the "World's Greatest Super Heroes" reissue.

There is also a running change with the Robin figure having flesh-molded plastic on the head, rather than having it molded in black and painted flesh tone.