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Rokkon & Stonedar (MOTUC)
Rokkon & Stonedar (MOTUC)
Basis: original toyline
First Released SDCC 2013
Buck/Body Type: motuc male
Points of Articulation: 23
Character Type Heroic Warriors

Official Bio[]


Real Name: Rokkon

Rocked from his stationary orbit patrol by a light storm from Horde World, Rokkon was part of a brigade of Comet Warriors thrown across the universe. Arriving on Eternia along with his leader Stonedar, Rokkon quickly allied with the Masters of the Universe eager to defeat those who strove to enslave his people. Along with others of his race, Rokkon can transform into a mighty meteorite to roll into battle and surprise attackers. His rocky body can deflect laser blasts as he bursts forth to aid the heroic warriors in the heart of battle!


Real Name: Stonedar

From the heart of the Horde Empire, Anillis Kur unleashed a powerful light storm which drove the Comet Warriors from their orbit and hurled them through space. Blasting through several untamed star bands, several Comet Warriors, including Stonedar, their heroic leader, arrived on the magical planet of Eternia. Part of a peaceful clan that shies away from conflict of any kind, Stonedar quickly realized some evil needed to be foguht and allied himself and his warriors with He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Stonedar can use his blazing armor to temporarily blind attackers in battle. When the Rock People are in danger, he transforms into his boulder form to drive back the enemy!


  • 2 Rock People rifle (MOTUC accessory)
  • 2 Clip-on rock armor (MOTUC accessory)