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Rubberneck (BB basic figure)
Rubberneck (BB basic figure)
Basis: show-based
Description: basic figure
First Released: 2010
Points of Articulation: 3POA
Character Type villain


This Rubberneck figure is a show-accurate representation of Rubberneck from the TV series. It's considerably blocky like his character design, even blockier than other figures from the toyline due to his bigger size. Due to his unique mold, all details are sculpted. His colors are black and green.

Like most of the figures in the line. He has hexagon pegholes on his elbows and legs, which will enable him to use accessories from any figure or vehicle in the line in a variety of ways, and also has two pegs on his back that would allow him to carry two figures on his back. His hands are too big to hold on to accessories traditionally, being designed instead to hold the Plastic Man figure from the same pack.

The articulations are limited to the arms and the right leg, so when the leg is pulled against the figure, the arms will flex away, stretching the Plastic Man figure if Rubberneck is holding him. The articulations cannot be used for anything else than this action, so the figure is kept in one pose with his arms upward.


Boxed Sets[]

Title Image Contents Release Date
Stretch Attack Battle Pack Bbpk-stretchattackbattlepack Batman (BB Stretch Attack figure), Plastic Man (BB Stretch Attack figure), and Rubberneck (BB basic figure) 2010