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The AtomRyan Choi (JLU)
Ryan ChoiRyan Choi (JLU)
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Ryan Choi (JLU)
Ryan Choi (JLU)
Alias: The Atom
Real Name: Ryan Choi
Place of Origin: Earth
Affiliation: Justice League
First Appearance none
Voice Actor: not applicable
Character Type: hero

The Atom is the name of two heroes in the Justice League. This article refers to Professor Ryan Choi. The other 'Atom' is Ray Palmer. Ryan Choi does not appear in the JLU show and is exclusive to the toyline.

Cardback Bio[]

"A protege of the former Atom, Ray Palmer, Ryan Choi moved from Hong Kong to Ivy University to find his mentor's bio-belt and take on his heroic identity. Atom's main power is size and mass manipulation, which means he can turn to microscopic size and turn back to a normal person."


Figure Image Description Release Basis
The Atom 1 ver 2 Atom1ver2 basic figure DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection single comic-inspired
The Atom 2 ver 2 Atom2ver2 shrunken version DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection pack-in comic-inspired