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SinestroSinestro (Earth 3)(Batman:The Brave and the Bold)

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Sinestro (Earth 3)(Batman:The Brave and the Bold)
Sinestro (Earth 3)(Batman:The Brave and the Bold)
Real Name: Sinestro
Place of Origin: Alternate Korugar
First Appearance The Eyes of Despero!
Voice Actor: Xander Berkeley
Character Type: Hero

Although in this universe, Sinestro uses a Qwardian ring, he dons the symbol of a Green Lantern, meaning his ring generates power through willpower itself. In this world (Earth 3) an evil counterpart of the Justice League of America, the Crime Syndicate of Amerika dominate. The Crime Syndicate of America is composed of such villains as Owlman, Batman's evil counterpart, Ultraman, Superman's evil counterpart, and Power Ring, Green Lantern's evil counterpart. who serves as a major protagonist to the Earth 3 Sinestro who fights alongside the benevolent Earth 3 counterparts of our villains such as the Red Hood, Lex Luthor, a good version of Bizarro and many others.