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Keldor of the House of Miro
Gender: Male
Toylines: Masters of the Universe Classics
Character Type: Villain

Official Bio[]


Masters of the Universe Classics[]

Figures Image Accessories Release Date
Skeletor (MOTUC) Motuc-skeletor Skeletor's harness (MOTUC accessory), Havoc staff (MOTUC accessory), Power Sword (MOTUC accessory), Rivet shield (MOTUC accessory), Power axe (MOTUC accessory), Power Sword half (MOTUC accessory) Jan 2009
Keldor (MOTUC) Motuc-keldor Power sword (MOTUC accessory), Power Sword half (MOTUC accessory), Acid vial (MOTUC accessory) June 2010 QUARTERLY FIGURE
Battle Armor Skeletor (MOTUC) Motuc-battlearmorskeletor Power axe (MOTUC accessory), chest pieces March 2011 QUARTERLY FIGURE
Missing-tooth Skeletor (MOTUC) (in a 2-pack with Mo-Larr (MOTUC)) Motuc-missingtoothskeletor Havoc staff (MOTUC accessory), Power Sword (MOTUC accessory) SDCC 2010

In the comics and media[]

Keldor was the firstborn son of King Miro, but was denied the throne due to his mother being a Gar. He assembled the Evil Warriors and tried to take over all Eternia, but in a decisive battle he tried to throw a vial of acid to his brother Randor (who was a captain, so presumably abdicated to protect Eternia), but Randor deflected with his shield and the acid spilled Keldor's face. Keldor's life was saved with magic, but he lost all skin on his face and renamed himself Skeletor.

Banished to the Dark Hemnisphere of Eternia until he destroyed the Mystic Wall that kept him away, Skeletor would become enemies with He-Man, the new defender of Eternia.

Skeletor has a rivalry with Hordak, his former master of magic, and has forged an alliance with King Hsss that resulted in the unearthing of the Three Towers. After traveling to the Tri-Solar Galaxy, Skeletor feigned loyalty to Flogg, leader of the Mutants of Denebria, manipulating him with "advice".