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Solomon Grundy (JLU)
Solomon Grundy (JLU)
Alias: none
Real Name: Solomon Grundy
Place of Origin: Earth
Affiliation: Injustice Gang
First Appearance Injustice for All
Voice Actor: .
Character Type: villain, anti-hero

Solomon Grundy is an undead creature that was a member of the Injustice Gang. While he is slow to wit, he is incredibly strong and has a high tolerance for pain. Injustice for All He accepts "jobs" that will yield him gold or treasure, but not for power or gain, necessarily. His desire for wealth is pure instinct, revealed to be tied to his origin.

Secret Origin Revealed[]

He later strikes a deal with Dr. Fate for gold. Dr. Fate discovered that Grundy had actually been Cyrus Gold, a Gotham City gangster back in the 1920's. After a heist, he'd been doublecrossed, killed and dumped in a swamp. His killers cursed his body with a powerful gris-gris prior to dumping him. The swamp's own magical properties reacted with the magics and resurrected him as a large soul-less zombie, intent on collecting wealth, but never knowing why.

Dr. Fate had needed him as a bane against Icthultu. Grundy ends up dying a heroic death, with his dying moments bonding with Hawkgirl. The Terror Beyond.

Second Resurrection[]

Some time later, Grundy is resurrected, on accident, by some children dabbling with the occult. This results in him being consumed with "chaos magic". Now completely mindless, it takes the combined might of Superman, Vixen, Aquaman, Dr. Fate, Amazo and Green Lantern to try and stop him. His chaos magic, however, cancels out Dr. Fate and Amazo's power, and the rest are forced to use brute-strength attacks. However, ultimately, it is his friend Hawkgirl, now known only as Shayera Hol, who grants him peace in death with the use of her Nth Metal mace, which weakened the 'chaos magic'.

Third Resurrection[]

Many years later, he resurfaces as the leader of the Metropolis Mafia, now with a completely new personality and a heightened intelligence. Falling Star


Figure Image Description Release Basis
Solomon Grundy ver 1 Solomongrundyver1 basic figure DC Superheroes:Justice League Unlimited con exclusive show-based
Solomon Grundy ver 2 Solomongrundyver2 slimed 'chaos magic' version DC Superheroes:Justice League Unlimited con exclusive show-based