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Spikor (MOTUC)
Spikor (MOTUC)
Basis: original toyline
First Released 2012
Buck/Body Type: motuc male
Points of Articulation: 23
Character Type Evil Warrior

Official Bio[]

Real Name: Kleffton

Originally a blacksmith from the Eternian village of Nordling, Kleffton was fused with an enchanted suit of spiked armor and a mystic trident when he attempted to steal a sacred scroll from the city’s high priests. Banished from his home, Kleffton became an outcast, wandering into the Sands of Time. He was discovered by Skeletor® who saw his natural talent to forge weapons and recruited him to battle against the Snake Men™. Now called Spikor™, he serves Skeletor® by creating new arms and armor for the Overlord of Evil™. Spikor™ uses his spike-studded body and trident arm as mighty weapons!


  • Spikor mace (MOTUC accessory)
  • Spikor arm attachments (MOTUC accessory)