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Sportsmaster (BB basic figure)
Sportsmaster (BB basic figure)
Basis: show-based
Description: basic figure
Packages: varied
First Released: 2009
Points of Articulation: 10POA
Character Type villain


This Sportsmaster figure is a show-accurate representation of Sportsmaster from the TV series. It's considerably blocky like his character design. The arm and shoulder details are sculpted, but the chestguard and whistle are merely painted. His colors are purple and black with some white details and a brown baseball/boxing glove.

Like most of the figures in the line. He has hexagon pegholes on his shoulders, back, elbows, legs and the bottom of his feet, which will enable him to use accessories from any figure or vehicle in the line in a variety of ways. The size of his hands also allow him to hold on to accessories traditionally, aside from by using the pegholes, though the right hand cannot hold them due to the glove.



Title Image Contents Release Date
Long Bomb Sportsmaster™ Bbpk-longbombsportsmaster Sportsmaster (BB basic figure) 2009