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Starro (JLU)
Starro (JLU)
Figure (and number): Starro (JLU)
Description: Starro Spore
Basis: show-based (STAS), (Batman Beyond)
First Released 2011
Buck/Body Type: unique
Points of Articulation: none, flexible
Character Type alien life form

Starro is a pack-in figure initially sold with Superman Beyond (JLU). The figure can fit most standard male bodies. Starro slips right over the shoulders and can easily be removed and placed onto many other figures. It will work on the females if you get creative with it's placement.

Official Bio[]

"Years ago, Superman discovered several alien starfish stranded on a faraway planet and transported them to his Fortress of Solitude. One day, while feeding his ever-growing collection Starro jumped onto Superman's body and linked to his mind. Using the powers of the Man of Steel, Starro planned to invade Earth and call it home."