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Steel (JLU)
Steel (JLU)
Alias: Steel
Real Name: John Henry Irons
Place of Origin: Earth
Affiliation: Justice League, Superman Family
First Appearance Heavy Metal
Voice Actor: Michael Dorn (STAS),
Phil LaMarr (JLU)
Character Type: hero

Steel is John Henry Irons, formerly a Lexcorp employee, and now a costumed hero. He helped Superman take down the man who had gone on a rampage with his design. After Superman encouraged him to continue working on the armor, Irons donned it himself, even helping the Man of Steel take down one of his greatest foes- Metallo. Eventually, he joined the ranks of the expanded Justice League as one of its engineers/scientists.


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Figure Image Description Release Accuracy
Steel ver 1 Steelver1 basic figure DCSH:JLU single show-based
Steel ver 2 Steelver2 metallic version DCSH:JLU K-mart exclusive 3-pack show-based